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Letztes Update: 24.01.2024  
My name is Elke Alberts and I am a keen amateur painter.
I have spent most of my spare time practising this hobby. In courses which I have regularly attended
since 1998 I have kept on developing my creativity.
The motifs of my water-colour paintings stem from holiday memories or photographs.
However, I find my favourite motifs in Nothern Germany where I am at home. A great many of my pictures
are in our house, but now and then I have to part with some of them, as the collection is increasing too much.
I am pleased that you like my pictures and that you are interested in them.
I enclose some samples of my work.
My other big hobby is handicraft. I sew, knit and crocket very much. I would also like to show you some of this work here.
Auf den Lofoten
Briefkästen in Schweden
Dompfaffen im Schnee
Sonne im Winter
Winter im Wald
Im Moor von Susanne